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11. January 2018
Lists from Radmeritz
16. January 2018

Exactly on the 20th of June accident to Obercunnersdorf, a bricklayer, Gf. Riesling, when a cellar was installed, because a piece of soil fell from the excavated ground. He was from Ebersbach, bey Zittau.
On June 23, at noon, fell to Oberfriedersdorf, in Budissin circles of Christian Scholtzen’s third half-year. Daughter in the mill race, and drowned.
The day before, as the 22nd of June, had to Wiesa, in Görlitz. Kreise, a young lad of 12 years, Gottlob wishes to drown the misfortune in the so-called glue pits. All in the country gentleman. Irrespective of the mandate prescribed used rescue means, he remained dead, and was buried the 26th in rengersdorf.
On the 29th of June, a lad of fifteen years, from Hohkirch to Görlitz, David Walter, as he dug glue, was buried and found dead by the collapse of the bank. The Gernicke was broken, his left foot split, and his whole body squeezed together. (Excerpt from Lusatian Magazine: or collection of various treatises and news for the purposes of the history of nature, art and country, manners, and the beautiful sciences., VII., 1774, p.


Birth, marriage and death lists from Wiesa b. Horka – (Source “Oberlausitzische Fama”)



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

22 September, the wife of the servant Jannack a son, Joh. Gottfried



No. 40 of 06.10.1825

The 9th of September, the wife of the householder and Gedingeschmidts master Rauthe , 73 years, 7 months


No. 43 of 27.10.1825

The 28th of September, gardener Hanns Christoph Grasse , 39 years, 3 months, 10 days


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