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      Hello and greetings from Australia
      I have joined this site hoping that I may get some answers to by Brick Walls.
      I use the site translator and the one on the new search engine ‘TORCH” that works 98% of the time.

      Ok now down to the names that I am looking for:
      Thomas Augustus CUTTING Bn c: 1796 in Suffolk, England.
      He was an Officer serving with the KGL until it disbanded in 1816.
      He must have stayed on in Germany as he was married to a Louise Catharine Dorothea(ee) SCHRADER Bn,c:1800
      They had 3 Children Johanne Bn,c:1829, Dorothee Bn,c:1831 and Thomas John Bn,c:1834 who Migrated with his father to Australia, what year that was ??.
      He also married a Magdalena Catherina AUFDERHEIDE (AUF DER HEIDE). Bn,c:1830 who also came to Australia, she also had family join her in Australia as well.
      These marriages and Births were all in HARPSTEDT, HANNOVER.
      I have only c:years to go on.

      Now comes the interesting part of my Family:
      My mother was  9th Generation of the HASSE family.
      The Hasse family were noted for their music and organs
      I will start with Johann Adolph HASSE Bn: 23 Mar 1699 in Burgedorf, Hamburg. He Married Faustina BORDONI Bn: 30 Mar 1693 in Venezia,Italy. They secretly married in an undisclosed place in Italy 24 Jun 1730. They both died in Venezia Johann,16 Dec 1783 and Faustina, 4 Nov 1783.
      These two people were very famous in operas through out Europe and became based in Dresden where a son was born in 1731 his name was Francesco Maria HASSE, they also had 2 daughters Maria Josephia Peppina in 1733 and Maria Christina in 1736 they were born in Venezia Italy is all we know.
      Johann’s siblng was called Johann Peter HASSE c:1690
      Their Father was Peter HASSE Bn: 16 Feb 1659 in Lubeck It has been stated that he Married Christina Abel Klessing 26 Jan 1696 and that she was the daughter of a local mayor (Bertram Klessing).
      Peter’s father was Nikolaus HASSE a famous Organist and Composer Born in Lubeck c: 1617.
      Nikolaus’s father was Petrus HASSE Born c: 1585 in Fanconia Dth: c: 1640. He also was a Composer and Organist
      In some english listings famous people such as Franz TUNDER and SWEELINCK were a part of their lives with daughters marrying into those families. Daughters’ and Wife’s Name no listings found.

      With all this put together I am hoping that someone can help or find more information and maybe put me into a direction to look, whether it be in English or German.

      Thank You for reading
      The CoOdinator


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        Hello Wayne,

        I have a Family Book of Harpstedt found where your Magdalene Catharine Aufderheide is recorded.
        She was born on 03.10.1830 in * Natenstedt. Natenstedt is a district of the city Twist rings in Lower Saxony Diepholz
        + 09.09.1910 in Uraidla; South Australia

        Father is John Aufderheide
        Mother Anne Margarethe Elisabeth Platen
        both from Natenstedt.
        christened on 10/17/1830 in Heiligenloh KB 1830/39/23. Heiligenloh is a district of the city Twist rings in Diepholz (Lower Saxony
        Denomination: Lutheran

        Ortsfamilienbuch Harpestedt

        she married Thomas Cutting 1849 in Easter wood. She was the second wife of Thomas Cutting. There also his first wife Catharine Dorothee Louise SCHRADER is recorded.

        All the data You can watch online.

        Hope it helps einwenig.

        greetings Kerstin


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          Hello Wayne and Webstar,
          My name is Alison and I live near where Thomas and Magdalene Cutting settled at New Tiers in 1852. Brian Seward of Playford, Suffolk, has written the early history of the life of Thomas Augustus Cutting and his family. I have collected a briefcase full of documents about Thomas Augustus Cutting’s life in South Australia (with a few details about his time in Harpstedt). He wrote many letters – to the Colonial Secretary, the newpaper, the East Torrens Council. He also had some complicated land transactions. He arranged public meetings about his pet topic – roads – and chaired these meetings and wrote petitions to the government, which were signed by those who attended these meetings. Thomas A Cutting’s life could be divided into three parts: Playford Hall, Suffolk and his military career, which has been written about in depth by Brian Seward; Life in Harpstedt where he married and had three children (his son was Thomas John George William – born 1834) and he married again after he was widowed – 1st January 1849. His second daughter married mid 1851 – perhaps his retirement from the KGL coincided with the need to supply a dowry? By this daughter’s marriage TAC was the great-grandfather of Lieutenant General Hermann Floerke who served Germany in both world wars. (Emil Hermann Floerke was born in 1893, well after the death of T A Cutting in 1876.)
          Thomas Cutting and Magdalene (nee Aufderheide) had three children born in South Australia. I am descended from their eldest daughter. I have her photograph (on glass) and a memento from her father’s military uniform which he wore during the Napoleonic Wars.
          Thomas Cutting’s first marriage was to a well connected family. Some of his first wife’s ancestors and family connections had lived in Hannover and they included courtiers, including the Hannover Court Preacher, Levin Burchard Langschmidt, who probably conducted royal weddings and baptisms. Thomas Cutting’s second marriage was possibly considered a mésalliance because Magdalene wasn’t of the same social class. Her parents lived in rented accommodation. Actually Thomas Cutting’s father also “rented” but it was a different type of situation. He had the lease on a prosperous property called Playford Hall, which included a large house which even had a moat. Thomas Cutting was always mindful of his birthplace and in South Australian records, now in the Lutheran Archives, his birthplace is written as Playford Hall, Suffolk. This is my first time using a forum – I am not sure if I am permitted to write my private e-mail address to exchange privately further information or whether it has to stay open. The parish books kept at Harpstedt which are now on-line are a wonderful source of information, as mentioned by webstar. It was very interesting reading about the Hasse family. I wonder what relationship you have with Thomas Augustus Cutting. Perhaps we are cousins. Alison


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            Here is a link about a newspaper article about the Harpstedt parish book – and a mention of Thomas Cutting.


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              Dear Alson,

              welcome in our big round of research.
              I am very pleased that you very help information. In the forum please no personal email addresses to call, but there are private messages. You’ll find it always on the profile of the researcher whom you want to contact.
              You and Wayne, you seek the same FN in the same place, you are determined Cousin. Just write Wayne there talk about the private message and you may also provide personal information.
              Am very pleased that we with our site and help, could possibly make new family connections.
              greetings Kerstin

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