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      This is a forum dealing with genealogy.

      Anyone involved in genealogy is welcome here when it serves the exchange of data.

      Anyone who knows how to get information about their ancestors and is willing to help others is also welcome here.

      You do not like being here, when posts are only characterized by quantity, quality is in demand.

      Who only writes off and does not bring any own contribution

      However, those who expect only help without thanking them afterwards and without even helping others with their own knowledge need not be surprised by a decline in the supply of help.

      Who want to misuse the forum for self-expression or even for commercial advertising.

      Measures of the requesting are please refrain or make fun of their question. Especially the new forum members, who are not familiar with the handling of the individual functions of the forum so well, should be accepted a little friendlier. It makes a bad impression when the first posts in the forum are answered in such a way that one has to think that things are very intolerant and that newcomers who do not have extensive knowledge are undesirable. We expect that all members, be they new in this forum or already ‘old hands’, treat each other politely and respectfully.

      Anyone who has something to suspend the contributions of other members can point out in a friendly tone.

      If man / woman does not strive for an understandable and correct language. Not everyone can write a text error-free, but care should be taken not to make any deliberate mistakes. Who has problems with the spelling, may not be excluded here, you should be helped with the question. They are just as welcome as all the other members. Often, however, it is helpful to reread your own text and to consider whether this can also be understood by the other members.

      Since I, as the operator, make this website purely private, I am not responsible for the content of the posts that are published.

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