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      Good evening,

      I look for in a circle Heiligenbeil for traces of my ancestors. Here is my known data:

      1. German Thierau:
      April 14, 1765 Baptism Stenke, Dorothea

      March 9, 1787 Birth + baptism Saklowski, Michael

      2. Grunau
      November 15, 1776 wedding Klotzke (Klotzki), Michael

      November 16, 1786 wedding brass, Catharina and Meyer, Christoph

      April 15, 1817 wedding Saklowski, Michael and Meyer, Elisabeth

      December 8, 1823 Birth + baptism (14) Saklowski, Wilhelm Michael

      10 September 1830 death of Meyer, Elizabeth

      19 December 1845 death Saklowski, Michael

      3. Lindenau (here: Cherry village)
      November 16, 1744 wedding Klotzke, Christopher and Arndt, Maria

      20 July 1745 Baptism Klotzke, Michael

      November 15, 1776 wedding Klotzke, Michael and Fotel, Maria

      November 19, 1776 Baptism Klotzke, Gottfried

      6 December 1786 death Klotzke, Christoph
      15 August 1789 death Arndt, Maria

      17 March 1821 funeral Fotel, Maria

      November 8, 1846 wedding Klotzke, Louise and Saklowski, Wilhelm Michael

      9 June 1856 death Klotzke, Gottfried

      16 December 1869 death Kollarie, Katharina

      I found on Ancestry data from Dt. Thierau found a few also from Grunau, but unfortunately not from the parish Lindenau or the associated location Cherry village. In Archion I have not found. Most of my data is from the 1930s, from the genealogy of a long-dead uncle. Any hints would be very grateful. I also considering to buy one of the books by Karin Rauschning. Unfortunately, she Lindenau but not completed and the books are also not exactly cheap at 50 €.


      Addendum: The father of Maria Fotel Fotel was Johann. The parents of Maria Arndt were Jacob and Gertrud Arndt. The parents of Elisabeth Meyer were the servant Christoph Meyer * 1753 Catharina (or Anna) Brass, whose father was the Instmann Peter brass. The parents of Dorothea Stenke were the farmer Christoph Stenke and Anna Sommer.

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