The East Prussia leaf – Sample number in March 1950

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      Circle Pr.-Holland
      The addresses of persons belonging to the persons listed below and deported to Russia and now deceased are searched for.
      1. by Mrs Wenzel. Housewife, and daughter Gertrud , b. 1928, from Mühlhausen
      2. by Else Niebel , Housemaid, born. about 1925 in Angerapp, last lived Fbersbach
      3. by Margarete Schwarz from Pr.-Holland, b. around 1928
      4. by Helene Eising from Pr.-Holland, b. 1914
      5. by Gertrud Meieritz from Pr.-Holland, b. 1914
      6. by Margarete Poot (Poth) , b. 1918 (father was a musician, husband soldier) from Ebersbach or Mühlhausen, Kr. Pr.-Holland.

      Ms. Ellinger will also give the address of Päcker-und Konditormeister E. from Mühlhausen / Ostpr. searched. Ellinger is said to have died in Russian captivity, and a comrade may give more details about death.

      Ms. Kläre Rieder, b. Sett from Königsberg, was escaped with many others by the Russians and landed in 1945 in the Urals. She was with the following young girls from Rössel:
      Dora Engelbrecht , mother of a nee Feckmann , settlement Rössel, died 19. 9. 1945 in the Typhuslazarett.
      Christel Schlegel and Maria Hinz , both from Rössel, were healthy and able to work. Also with the farmer Ochsenknecht from Mönsdorf near Rössel Mrs. Rieder was together. Mrs. Rieder is ready to give details to the peasants.

      Adolf Taube , returned from Russian captivity, can provide information about the following persons:

      1. Bast , photographer, Sensburg
      2. Stechert or Stechern , Realtor, Sensburg
      3. Uzat , watchmaker, Sensburg
      4. Neumann, Albert , foreman, Elbing
      5. Austen , Klemens , Bauer, Wilkendorf, Kr. Rastenburg
      6 Tiegs, Harry , farmer’s son, Dankfelde, Kr. Lötzen
      7. Brosch , (worked in the restaurant industry), Nikolaiken
      8. Czimanski , (name may also be similar), bicycle repair shops Nikolaiken
      Inquiries please attach return postage. Adolf Taube , (23) Loga, Leer (Ostfrld.), Siedlerstraße 10, formerly Eichmedien, Kreis Sensburg

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