The East Prussia leaf – Year 1 / Episode 1 of 05. 04. 1950

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      The first radio preacher in Germany
      A unique jubilee can now be celebrated by the former davfarrer of Königsberg, Hermann Willigmann . It is now exactly 25 years ago that he held the first Sunday morning devotional service on Königsberger Rundfunk. Since no radio until then knew this device, he can be called the first radio preacher in Germany, and indeed the whole world. Today these Sunday prayers and the transmission of religious lectures and church concerts are a matter of course for all Christian broadcasters. Pastor Hermann Willigmann , although already 72 years old, still officiating in Berlin-Schöneberg at the Church of the Heilbrücken. He is still working on his memoirs and wants to publish them later this year, as soon as he has found a publisher

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