Prussian Newspaper Volume 14 No. 1 from 01 01. 1944th

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      My dearest beloved, good-hearted man / the happiness and content of my life, the loving and devoted father of my three children, our dear brother, brother-in-law and uncle soldier Willi Wesse died at the age of 34 on 17.11.1943 in the East the heroic death mourns for him his wife Marta Wesse born. Thiel , Gerhard, Horas and Ingrid , his darlings, his dear mother, 3 brothers, 2 of them currently in the field and 1 sister, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews and all relatives – Julienfelde, December 21, 1943

      His young life left me in the fight for the freedom of Greater Germany my dearly beloved husband and dad Obergefr. Fritz Ferner . He was honored with the EK 2nd Cl., The East Medal of the Inf. Storm Aid Wound Badge. In deep pain and heartbreak mourned around him his dear wife Magda Ferner born. Papke , Diethelm , all his pride and little Hans-Joachi , whom he did not know yet, his dear parents, in-laws and all relatives. Kragau in December 1943. At the same time I cordially thank everyone for the evidence of loving sympathy . Papke

      My dearly beloved, good-hearted man and most faithful life-companion, my loving, devoted father, our hopeful dear good son, dear son-in-law and grand son, my always cheerful, only brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew and cousin Willi Buttler, radio operator in a departmental abbot .. Inh. The storm badge, died at the flourishing age of 29 years on 11.2.1943 in the East, the heroic death. His wife Gertrud Buttler, born so hard-boiled in sad melancholy and deep, silent mourning, Borowski, his beloved daughter Inge , his inconsolable parents August Buttler and wife Eva , family Gerhard Buttler and all who loved him – Heiligenbeil, December 1943

      My heartfelt lover, unforgettable man, the affectionate and proud dad of his two boys and his little daughter, my dear only son and son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law and uncle Günter Kommnick , comp. Officer, Oberfeldw. and train in one. Hunter Battalion. Carrier of the EK 2, the Cross of Merit with Swords, the Ostmed. u. of the wounded badge. He died on 09.12.1943, shortly after completing his 30th year of life, in the heavy defensive fighting in the East, the heroic death. I gave for Germany the dearest, what I possessed in this world. He followed my dear brother Sergeant Werner Mattutat , after six months into eternity. In profound jest on behalf of all relatives his inconsolable wife Edith Kommnick born. Mattutat, his children Hans-Joachim , Wolfgang and Klein- Monika and his heartbroken mother Berta Kommnick born. Bartsch , Königsberg (Pr.), Hünefeldstraße 2, Dinterstraße 10/12, 24.12.1943

      Our so happy, youngest brother, brother-in-law and uncle, my dear unforgettable friend Heinz Scherwinsky , Uff. in one. Grenz.-Regt. died after the campaigns in Poland, Belgium and France as a platoon commander in the heavy fighting in the East on 1. 10. 1943 in highest soldierly duty fulfillment and firm belief in the final victory in the 26. Lebensjahr the hero’s death. After his wounding on 1 9th 1943, again joyfully in action, he followed his dear brother in law after six months in eternity. In deep pain Herta Stüver b. Scherwinsky , Königsberg (Pr.), Hans Stüver z. Zt. Soldat, Ing. Horst Scherwinsky and Mrs. Sabine geb. Bayer , Bregenz on Lake Constance, Subfield Champion Erwin Scherwinsky and Ms. Erna b. Schlingelhoff z. Z. Pernau / Estonia, Ilse Fuchs born. Scherwinsky , grounds at Labiau, Reinhart and Rotraut Stüver , Marga Püttmann , Arnsberg Westfalen Königsberg (Pr.), Samitter Allee No. 147, 14 December 1943

      Our kind-hearted , dear and hopeful second-youngest son, our beloved brother, brother-in-law and uncle, carpenter Walter Jeschenlak , private in? Storm Pion. battalion. Owner of the East Medal found shortly after his home leave he had happily spent with his two brothers, who were also happy at the same time on holiday, in blooming age of 22 years on 15.11.1943 in the East for Führer and Fatherland the heroic death. His company commander writes: “He was always a conscientious soldier who performed every command.” His dear parents, Wilhelm Jeschenlak and Frau Auguste, were born. Sukowski , his mourning siblings Herta , Alfred, Helmuth, Rudolf , Obergefr. on the southeastern front, Erich , Obergefr. in Norway Willy , Feldw. in Holland, sister-in-law Mariechen Jeschenlak born. Allwerg in Hänigsee, brother-in-law Gustav Basalla and Anna. Jeschenlak in Moers, 2 nephews Basalla and niece Ursel Jeschenlak . It grieve for him all relatives and acquaintances. Steinkirch over Ebenrode Kr. Schloßberg / East Prussia

      Our beloved, sunny, hopeful youngest son stud. med. Heinz Rohmann , sergeant and Fahnenjunker, platoon leader in one. Gren.-Regt. in Italy, Inh. of EK 2, the Wound Badge and the East Medal found on 28.11.1943 for his beloved fatherland at the age of 23 years the heroic death. With all military honors he is buried on 30.11.1943 in a military cemetery. His sad and painless parents Christof Rohmann and his beloved mother, his brothers Konrad and Herbert , his only sister Erna Klimmek, mourn him . Rohmann , his brother-in-law Dr. Klimmek , his little son Renate and nephew Wolfgang and all the other relatives and acquaintances who liked him. – Passenheim, in December 1943

      Our dear son and brother Fritz Margenburg , Obergefr. in a Pz.-Gren. Regt. (Mot)., Inh. of the War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords, died in the flourishing age of 22 years in the East on 2. 11. 1943 in the most loyal duty fulfillment the heroic death for people and homeland. His company commander writes: “He was a member of the company since 11/5/1940, was a good and helpful comrade and above all an excellent driver.” Under military honors he was laid to rest on a hero cemetery. In deep pain his beloved parents Otto Margenburg and Frau Therese born. Hein , Ernst , brother, Erna Poßnien born. Margenburg , sister, Ernst Poßnien , brother-in-law, Obergefr. z. Z. in the field, niece and nephew, and all relatives and acquaintances who loved him. Pottlitten, in December 1943

      According to God’s bright will, in the battle for a notable high in Italy on November 9, 1943, his hopeful, efficient life gave me my only, dear son, my kind hearted, brave man and loving father farmer and tank grenadier Gefr. Hermann Kudles in the best Man age of 37 years. His company commander writes to us: “We will always keep a respectful memory of her husband and see him as a shining example.” He was assisted by his comrades with all the military honors. So he also sacrificed his life for the greatness and future of our people. He died for us! In deep sorrow in the name of all relatives Martha Kudles born. Westaedt and Klein- Bernhard , his son, Dietrichswalde on Friedland, Kr. Bartenstein in December 1943

      It was God’s will that our dear youngest, always cheerful boy, our beloved brother, brother-in-law, dear uncle, nephew and cousin Uffz. Franz Brausewetter, died on 15 December 1943 in a home-based hospital after being seriously wounded. He followed his dear brother Fritz into eternity after five months and was laid to rest on December 24, 1943 at a hero cemetery in Königsberg. We will never forget you. His mauled parents Franz Brausewetter and Frau geb. Kleefeld , his only brother Albert z. Z. in Italy, his sisters Ella and Maria Feyerabend born. Brausewetter , his brother-in-law Fritz , his dear nieces Anni, Dorchen and Erika , his sister-in-law Berta Brausewetter, Eva, Gustav, Kurt and Gerda , as nephews and nieces and all relatives and acquaintances who loved him. Weissenstein, in December 1943

      My beloved kind-hearted man, our dear son, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew and cousin Alfred Ballus , Oberfeldwebel and platoon leader in a Gren. Regt . Inh. Of the EK 2. u. 1 Kl. Sturm- and wounded badge, as well as other distinctions, according to God’s holy will on the 2nd 12th 1943 in the flourishing age of 29 years, after three wounds and a very short marriage in the heavy fighting in the east the hero’s death. He followed his two brothers-in-law, who died a hero’s death in 1942. In deep sadness his wife Gertrud Ballus born. Schwerdt , Wilhelm Ballus and wife, parents, Adolf Schwerdt and wife, in-laws, and all siblings and relatives, 3 brothers, 2 brothers-in-law z. Z. in the field, 1 missing brother, Mohlsack, Str. SA 12, Damflos, Kr. Trier, 15.12.1943

      At the age of 24, my dear husband, our beloved, unforgettable son, our good, dear brother, our dear brother-in-law, building engineer, Offiz. appl. Alfred Alfred Borchert , Inh. Of the War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords. Who knew him, knows what we lost. In deep pain and silent sadness his dear wife Lutta Borchert born. Markolf, his beloved parents Albert Borchert and wife Paula geb. Schwill , Ursula Stoeppke born. Borchert, Edith Borchert , sisters, Werner as the only brother z. Z. Wehrm., His dear brother-in-law Artur z. Z. in the East, in-laws Markolf . All our relatives and acquaintances mourn with us, his best friend Arno Fehlau in the field – Königsberg (Pr), Elchdamm 13

      On 15. 12. 1943 died after over four-year front-line hero’s death for leader and fatherland my herzlieber, youngest son, dear brother, brother-in-law, grand son, nephew, uncle and cousin Ernst Matern , Obergefr. in a News-Abt., carrier of the EK 2, the east medal and other distinctions, at the age of 31 years in a field hospital in the east. His last words were for the good of the mother and the fatherland. In deep heartbreak his dear mother Clara Matern born. Come , his siblings Elsbeth, Kurt, Otto z. Z. in the East, Albrecht z. Z. in the East, 3 sisters-in-law, a large circle of relatives and acquaintances who loved him. Königsberg (Pr), Weidendamm No. 37, in December 1943

      By God’s sacred will today, after a wounded in the East, suddenly and unexpectedly died my dear, kind hearted man, our dear Papi, our dearest eldest son and brother, son-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle Gefr. Paul Klein at the age of 33 years. His beloved wife Elfi Klein is mourning him in incomprehensible pain and deepest heartbreak . Venohr , Waltraut and Inge as children who were all his pride, his dear parents, siblings, in-laws, brothers-in-law and in-laws and all who loved him. Domnau, Bartenstein, December 27, 1943

      On 20.12.1943 our beloved youngest son and brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew and cousin Gren died for the Führer and the fatherland. Emil Tarnowski at the thriving age of 18 years at a rescue work in Leipzig. There are mourning for him Hermann Tarnowski and Mrs. Auguste , as parents, Hermann, Walter, both in the East, Ernst , Otto and Pau l all zz in the military hospital, Erich in the field as brothers, Elisa and Anni as sisters, sisters-in-law, brother-in-law, nieces , Nephews, aunts, uncles and all who loved him – he was buried with military honors on 29. 12. 43. – At the same time, we sincerely thank all who gave our son and brother the last escort. Family G. Tarnowski , Fräulienshof, d. December 30, 1943

      After a long suffering with a great deal of patience, my dear wife, my dear good mother, dear sister, sister-in-law, aunt and great-aunt Frau Auguste Blaasch, was born on December 29, 1943 . Scheer im? Age. In deep mourning Friedrich Blaasch, Margarete , as a daughter and all relatives. Königsberg (Pr), farm 2 a – funeral on Monday 3. 1. 1944, 2 pm, in front of the hall of the 1st Tragh. cemetery

      On 24.12.1943, our mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great-grandmother, widow Lina Weichert died after a severe illness in Tapiau . Thielert at the age of 72 years. Mourned by two daughters, one son, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, seven grandchildren and all relatives – Tapiau, December 29, 1943

      Instead of a special admonition: After a long, heavy suffering carried with great patience, my dear husband, our good brother, brother-in-law, uncle and cousin, passed away unexpectedly on 29.12.1943. R. Friedrich Buchholz in his 65th year. In deep mourning in the name of all survivors Lina Buchholz b. Pilkahn , Königsberg (Pr), Hans-Sagan-Straße 46. Funeral on Tuesday, January 4, 1944, at 2 pm from the hall of Schönbuscher Friedhof

      On December 28, 1943, all of a sudden, after a brief and serious illness, our dear, good daughter, sister, aunt, niece and granddaughter Ursula Nimke fell asleep after she had reached the age of 30 on December 23, 1943. In silent mourning Wilhelm Nimke and Mrs. Luise born. Paetsch , as a parent, Christel Tengler née. Nimke , Insterburg, Dora Nimke , Jena, as sisters, Marg. Paetsch , Osterode, as grandmother, Alfred and Mieze Paetsch geb. Zink , Königsberg (Pr), Emma Weber born. Paetsch and Otto Weber , Bromberg, Bärbel Tengler, as niece – Königsberg (Pr), Nollendorfstraße 6, 29.12.1943. Funeral on Tuesday, 4.1.1944, 1 pm, at the community cemetery (crematorium)

      Instead of cards. This morning, December 31, 1943, my dear, good man, our good-hearted daddy, brother, brother-in-law and uncle, host and farmer Albert Haugwitz , softly fell asleep after suffering with great patience. In deep mourning Mrs. Elisabeth Haugwitz, Erika, Lothar and Doris , as children, Anna and Klara, as sisters – Bergau at Seepothen Ostpr. Funeral Thursday, 6.1.1945 at the Bergauer Cemetery

      After God’s unfathomable decision on December 30, 1943, my beloved daughter, our sister and sister-in-law Lieselotte Boly was recalled at the thriving age of 21 after a short, sudden illness into eternity. In incomprehensible pain Liesbeth Boly born. Gröbn ?, Siegfried Boly , brother, Annemarie Pietsch b. Boly , sister, Siegfried Pietsch , brother-in-law Königsberg, Schnürlingstraße 32 a. Funeral Tuesday, 4 January 1944 at 3 pm in the crematorium

      Fritz Schwarz , master baker 7.?. 1884, died 29.12.1943. On behalf of the bereaved Mrs. A. Schwarz born. Oschlies – Fischhausen

      On 21.12.1943 suddenly and unexpectedly our dear father, train attendant a. D. Louis Michelau at the age of 66 years. In the name of grieving children Ernst Zigahn – Königsberg (Pr), Klosterstraße 7, Jerusalemer Straße 24, 31.12.1943

      God wanted it! On December 23, 1943, at 8 o’clock in the morning, our dear youngest tenth child, Werner Winfried Mehnert, suddenly and unexpectedly fell asleep. Sleep well, beloved child, in cool earth! In deep incomprehensible pain his dear parents Paul Mehnert and Ms. Gertrud born. Schelske , his dear siblings, all relatives and acquaintances – Fürstenau, December 28, 1943

      Quite unexpectedly died on 28.12.1943 my dear, unforgettable man, our dear dad, nephew, brother-in-law, uncle and great-uncle musician Erwin Juschkus at the age of 44 years. In deep sadness Marie Juschkus geb. Erdmann , Margarete and Edith as children – Königsberg (Pr), Kohlhof, street 1064, no. 28. Funeral on Tuesday 4.1.1944 at 11 o’clock, small hall of the crematorium

      The funeral of my dear sister Martha Jungheit takes place on Monday 3rd January 1944 at 12.30 pm on the 2nd Sackheim Cemetery (in front of the Königstor). Gertrud Jungheit

      We thank all of you for the many proofs of warmest participation in the passing of our dear little son Peterlein as well as for the wreath and flower donations. Hermann Stange and wife – Königsber (Pr) – Tannenwalde, Fritz-Tschierse-Straße 33

      For the many evidences of cordial participation in the heroic death of my beloved Grenad. Siegfried Arndt , I express my deepest thanks also in the name of his parents. Mrs. Lisbeth Arndt – Kreuzburg East Prussia

      For the many proofs of heartfelt participation in the birthday of our dear mother Mrs. Johanne Hinz , as well as for the many wreath and flower donations, we express our sincerest thanks. On behalf of the bereaved Frida Winkel born. Hinz – Königsberg (Pr) Bülowstraße 43/45

      We express our sincerest gratitude to all those who, in our great suffering, which has struck us through the heroic death of my dear husband, our dear son Heinz Oeste , have shown their condolences in speech and writing. Mrs. Gustel Oeste , Heinrich Oeste and family

      We express our warmest gratitude to all those involved in so many evidences of heartfelt sympathy for the loss we have suffered as a result of the death of our only son and brother. Mrs. Elisabeth Kn? Ber and daughter Irmgard

      For the very numerous proofs of heartfelt sympathy and for the many wreath – and flower donations at the birthday of our dear mother Mrs. Therese Babbel born. Kathens , we hereby express our heartfelt thanks. Siblings Babbel

      For the participation on the occasion of the passing away of my dear man and our good father, we express our warmest thanks to all. Mrs. Heyer and children – Königsberg (Pr), Sedanstraße 9

      For the evidence of cordial participation on the occasion of the heroic death of my dearly beloved husband, Lieutenant Hugo Fellenberg , we express our sincerest thanks to all. Hildegard Fellenberg with Peterle and Astrid

      For the evidence of loving participation, as well as for the wreath and flower donations on the occasion of the death of our dear father and brother of the merchant Reinhold Netke , we express our sincere gratitude to all in this way. Gertrud and Lotte Netke , Julie Netke

      We cordially thank everyone for their sympathy with the heroic death of my dear husband and our son, Captain Walter Dannehl . Ellen Dannehl b. Tritscher , Eduard Dannehl and wife – Königsberg (Pr), Powundener Straße 16

      I sincerely thank all those who for the heroic death of my ambitious son Lieutenant Ewald Treidel, Inh. Of the EK 2 and the East Medal whose life was love and loyalty. Have shown their compassionate sympathy. Maria Treidel born. Poepping Königsberg (Pr), Tamnaustraße 16

      All those who have expressed their sincere condolences to me in writing and verbally as well as through flower donations for the heroic death of my dear man and good Dad , the Guardian of the Protection Police Walter Bagusch , I hereby express my heartfelt thanks. Mrs. Gertrud Bagusch born. Grigull and son Heinz – Königsberg,? 16b, in December 1943

      For the many evidences of heartfelt participation and the exceedingly rich floral donations to the death of our dear father, Director Johannes Bury , we express our sincere gratitude to all in this way. The survivors

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