The East Prussia leaf – death notices – Year 1 / Episode 3 of 05 05 1950

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      declaration of death
      The bath. District Court in Waldshut has recognized by resolution for right: 2 H 88/49: The missing minor children Horst Fernitz , geb. on September 5, 1938 in Föhrenhorst, Gertraud Fernitz , b. on July 8, 1940 in Ebenrode, Manfred Fernitz , b. on November 30, 1942 in Ebenrode, all missing since April 15, 1945, are pronounced dead. The date of death is April 15, 1945, in the afternoon at midnight.
      Waldshut, April 12, 1950, Bad. District Court

      Page 26
      Although sad news sometimes, the certainty is better than the tormenting uncertainty about the fate of our loved ones. In most cases, the “East Prussian Journal” search ads are successful, as shown in the following message: “Thank you very much for the search ad published in your paper, which makes me sad about a fellow countryman who was with my dear man in the same unit Message got that my husband fell in March 1945 in Gotenhafen.
      Mrs. Elisabeth Ruff Altershausen No. 40 over. Hassfurt / Ufr. The obituary is also published in this episode, the surest way to inform all acquaintances and relatives of deaths

      Page 31
      After years of agonizing anxiety and restless searching, we received the shattering news from proven neighbors that my beloved husband, our good, caring father, father-in-law and grandfather, merchant and wholesale agent, Paul Ehwalt . on September 11, 1876 in Gdansk already in the first days of the occupation of Königsberg, where he had been left to receive us home and possessions, hunger died. Königsberg Pr., Luisen-Allee 36.
      Grethe Ehwalt born. Kolat , Bad Hersfeld, Am Weinberg 24, Doc. Ursula Lorenz born Ehwalt, Berlln-Zehlendorf, Riemeisterstrasse 152, Erich Lorenz , Marie Luise, Werner Ehwalt , techn. Kaufmann, Munich, Holzstr. 35 Thea Ehwalt b. Stock , Gerda Deinde b. Ehwalt , Diplomhandelslehrerin, Bad Hersfeld, Am Weinberg 24

      After years of uncertainty, we received the sad news that my dear husband, father, father-in-law a. Grandfather Hauptgefreiter Emil Ruff fell in March 1945 in Gotenhafen at the age of 46 years. In silent mourning: Mrs. Elisabeth Ruff z. Zt. Altershausen No. 40, Kr. Hofheim, formerly Königsberg / Pr., Friedmannstr. 40, daughter Elfriede Bunk, son-in-law Otto Bunk , grand son Gerd Bunk z. Zt. Königsberg in Bavaria, formerly Königsberg / Pr.

      On September 30, 1950 died in Meiningen my dear husband, the former Oberstudiendirektor i. R. the Queen Louise School Königsberg / Pr. Dr. Eduard Loch in the 77th year of life. Mrs. Eva Loch
      Göttingen, Calsowstr. 50

      On April 15, 1950, my beloved, faithful husband, the best father, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and son-in-law of Carl Petersen, early dairy farewell to our unforgettable home after a short, severe illness in the 57th year. Bieberswalde, Kr. Osterode / Ostpr. In the name of all relatives: Herta Petersen (16) Herborn, Dillkreis, Westerwaldstraße 21

      On April 5, 1950, at 11 pm, my beloved husband, my dear father, our dear brother, brother-in-law and uncle, was gently asleep, far from his beloved home. At the age of 65, the farmer Paul Hammerschmidt Karohnen Tilsit-Ragnit / Ostpr. In deep pain: Frida Hammerschmidt born. Hammerschmidt , Ursula Hammerschmidt
      Schönkamp, ​​April 6, 1950 Post Eurau
      The funeral took place on April

      The news to all Koenigsberg friends that my cousin Rudi Knorr died on 16. 4. in the sanatorium. Ernst Knorr. (24a) Lübeck, Werderstr. 2 III

      After a long uncertainty we received the shocking news from a returnee that my dear husband, our good-hearted father, brother and father-in-law, the mill and cutter mill owner Max Schultz on 24 March 1945 – three days after arrival in the camp Gorkina (Ural) – died after a busy life at the age of 59. In silent mourning; Frieda Schultz u. Children, former Lyck / Ostpr., Prostker suburb, now Buchholz 46, Kr. Bückeburg

      Isa. 43. 1, 54. 8. 10. After a long uncertainty, we received the sad news from our beloved homeland that our dear and unforgettable parents, parents-in-law and grandparents died of hunger in Königsberg in 1945. Friedrich Jakubeit born November 5, 1868 Berta Jakubeit b. Born in Mallasch 31. 1. 1869. Our dear sister, sister-in-law and aunt Hertha Jakubeit born. 27. 5. 1905 1946 also died of hunger in Königsberg. In silent mourning on behalf of all relatives: Walter Baltrusch and Mrs. Emilie born. Jakubeit

      Page 32
      On 22. 4. 1950 died after serious illness our dear father Hermann dumbbell Müngen, Kr. Heiligenbeil, at the age of 73 years. In the name of the survivors: Ewald Zachau and Ms. Luise née. Dumbbell . Eversen, Kr. Celle. He rests in the city cemetery in Celle

      Now my yearlong hopes of a reunion have been finally shattered. My dear husband Helmut Redetzki will not come back to me. He died in November 1945 in a prison camp in Siberia. Erica Redetzki , Markdorf / Lake Constance, Jahnstraße 7, formerly Lyck, Raiffeisenbank

      Far from his beloved East Prussia. Home unexpectedly died in Wismar’Mecklbg after kuizer illness. on December 17, 1949 the farmer Franz Wenger Romeiken. In faithful fulfillment of duty, he was cared for by his longtime housekeeper, Miss Woschön , until the last breath, and was honorably buried. On behalf of all relatives: Minna Gudladt b. Wenger . BielefeldWestf., Bismarckstraße 38

      On Good Friday far away the home in the 85th Age of the Remontepfleger Eduard soft from Gr.-Droosden, Labiau district / Ostpr. Until his expulsion 65 years of his tireless work and his love for the noble East Prussian horses. More than 20,000 young horses have been raised by him during this time. He was loyal to my family and my family for 65 years. He will never forget us. Hans von Spaeth-Meyken z Z. Bad Nenndorf

      Still hoping for a reunion with his son Hans-Ulrich , who was missing in Russia, on Good Friday, April 7, 1950, my heartfelt husband, our kind-hearted father, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle, the well- dwarf Hermann Ringlau , died after a long and difficult illness Schlossberg / Ostpr. in the 64th year of life forever of us. He found his last resting place in Flensburg. In deep sadness: Frida Ringlau born. Skodzik, Eva Ringlau , Flensburg-Mürwik, Solitüde 3, Karl Maack u. Mrs. Hildegard geb. Ringlau , Hamburg 20, Lockstedterweg 106


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        Page 32
        All friends u. We acquainted acquaintances with the fact that only now we have the painful certainty about the death of my dear husband, faithful father, the cereal merchant Franz Zachau Osterode-Ostpr. who died in March 1945 in his 58th year of life on a ship near Gdansk.
        Likewise, after five years of tormenting uncertainty, we received the sad news that my unforgettable son. Brother and brother-in-law Horst Zachau Lieutenant in a Pauz.-Einh. at the flourishing age of 25 years in Jan. 1945 fell near his East Prussian homeland. In silent mourning Mrs. Helene Zachau geb. Wiechert, Ms. Christel Lehmann b. Zachau , Dipl.-Ins. AW Lehmann (14a) Swab. Hall, Bahnhofstraße 12, formerly: Osterode-Ostpr., Wilhelmstraße 11

        Far away from their beloved homeland they have gone to the eternal home my dear husband Otto Beckmann wood and stone sculptor * 26. 10. 83, +8. 11. 48 and my good son Theodor Beckmann wood and stone sculptor * 5. 6. 20, + 22. 9. 46 In quiet mourning Frida Beckmann born . Werthmann, Edith Genius b. Beckmann Fritz Geni e u. 2 grandchildren, Berlin-Tempelh, Ida Wegner born. Werthmann , Rothenkirchen / Oberfr., On April 20, 1950, (formerly: Tilsit-Ostpr.)

        On May 6, 1950, unexpectedly, in the midst of his tireless efforts for his patients, my most beloved husband, my beloved son and son-in-law, our kind hearted brother, brother-in-law and uncle pulmonologist Dr. med. Werner Rothenberger senior physician of the state health resort Falkenstein / Taunus formerly Tilsit-Ostpr., Hospital Stadtheide at the age of 41 years. In deep grief Irmgard Rothenberger geb. Eckert, Elisabeth Rothenberger b. Bobeth, Dr. Kurt Eckert, Studienrat Heinz Rothenberger (missing) and Mrs. Margarete geb. Pawlowski , Elfrede Januschkewitz b. Rothenberger and Erich Januschkewitz , main teacher Eva Kosack born. Rothenberger and Walter Kosack , Dipl.-Commerce Teacher, Peter, Ute, Rainer Falkenstein / Taunus, Provincial Medical Center

        On April 1, 1950, my dear and unforgettable wife Martha Küssner , aged 59, fell asleep after a long and difficult illness. In deep sadness: Franz Küssner. Neuenbrook / Holstein, formerly Wehlau Ostpr .. train station

        After a long uncertainty, we were told that our unforgettable mother, mother-in-law and grandmother gave birth to Mrs. Martha Deter . Eggert died on April 17, 1945 in the age of 81 under Russian rule of terror in Königsberg. In deep mourning: Paul Deter and wife, Hamburg-Wandsbeck, Gosslerstraße 34, dr. Kurt Deter and wife with children Barbara, Regina, Burkhard and Monika , Kassel, Friedenstraße 4, formerly Waldhof b. Gr.-Lindenau, Ostpr.

        All friends u. Acquaintances from the home subsequently to note! On the escape the dear God saved our good-hearted, dear parents, in-laws and grandparents, our dear sister Mrs. Maria Till geb. Tiedtke born 30. 12. 1863, d. 15. 3. 1945, Friedrich Till Telegr.-Ob.-Leit.-Aufs. i. R. Großhof-Tapiau-Ostpr. b 6. 7. 1863, d. 2. 4. 1945 The faithful God granted me the grace that I could look after our dear parents until their happy death. In the vicinity of Kuggen-Samland, I myself have put her to rest. Shortly before, her two dear sons, our good-hearted, dear brothers, gave their lives in the most faithful fulfillment of duty: Karl Till Luftwaffe Staff Sergeant b. 1. 2. 1908, d. 12. 9. 1944, Otto Til l Landesoberinspektor in Lübeck and San.-Staff-Ob-Sergeant on the “Wilh. Gustloff “geb. 22. 9. 1894 died on the sinking of the ship on January 30, 1945 Your life was love, effort and work! This is announced in the deepest still pain: Frieda Til l, teacher, formerly Nordenburg, now Vaelserquartier b. Aachen I, Eburohenstrasse 1, Luise Breutmann b. Till , u. Family, formerly Labiau, now Itzehoe / Holstein, Karlstr. 11, Fritz Till and family, formerly Großhof-Tapiau, now Garlitz near Lübtheen, Kr. Hagenow-Mecklenburg, Charlotte Timm b. Till and family, formerly Taplau colony, now Münchberg-Oberfr., Lindenstraße 9, Käthi Till born. Horwege and son Günter, Lübeck, Kleiststraße 2-4

        At the age of thirteen, my dear husband, our devoted father, father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and others, was gently asleep by God’s unfathomable counsels. Great uncle forester a. D. Otto Quedna u
        Luise Quednau born. Friedrici, Waldtraut Quednau, Ursula Heuer b. Quednau, Ulrich Heuer , Dipl.-Ing.
        Hütten, Kr. Eckernförde, 5 April 1950, formerly Königsberg-Metgethen

        On 4 April 1950 our dear mother Mrs. Emma Gaehler was born in Potsdam . Jopp formerly Königsberg / Pr. home to eternity shortly before her 76th birthday, after our dear father, the police auditor a. D. Rudolf Gaehler had preceded her on 26 Aug. 1945 at the age of 78, likewise in Potsdam. In silent mourning: Kurt Gaehler , Landeszentralbankrat, Kiel, Karolinenweg 9, Paul Gaehler , Chief Customs Inspector, Hamburg 39, Goldbekufer 8

        Obituary! God’s will knows no why
        Afterward, all relatives, friends and acquaintances were aware that our dear mother, kind-hearted grandmother of Kaufmann’s widow Elisabeth Jockel, was born. Segadlo born. 19. 9. 186’i (formerly Wehlau / Ostpr.) On 10. 2. 1945 on the escape at Kahlberg their benevolent eyes closed forever. In the dune sand she found the final resting place. She was followed on February 5, 1946 by my only sister, dear sister-in-law, and good Aunt Elfriede Jockel . May 16, 1904 She rests in the cemetery in Güstrow. In quiet mourning and faithful memory Margarete Metschulat born. Jockel , Curt Metschulat, Heinz-Günther, Hellmut, Anneliese, Ernst-Dieter
        Ekkehard Schwanewede, Heide, (20) district Bremen (formerly Johannisburg / Ostpr.)

        On the 12th of March, at 7 o’clock passed away after a long suffering, carried with great patience, away from her beloved homeland, my dear wife, our good, faithful mother Mrs. Auguste Barth born. Ruttkat in the 53rd year of age In deep mourning: Karl Barth with children Margot, Werner and Günter (missing) Gundelfingen / Danube, March 12, 1950. formerly Schloßberg / Ostpr .. Freiburger Straße 5

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