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    Recently a woman died in Hamburg-Altona (Eulenstraße 87) whose name had been excellent in East Prussia for decades, the singer and vocal pedagogue Henni Gagel . Born on March 10, 1874, she devoted herself to singing studies and belonged to the series of students Raimund zur Mühlens , the great from the Baltic States, who, later living and teaching in London, spent years in the Baltic Sea Neuhäuser near Königsberg held his summer courses ( Monika Hunnius she described in her book “Mein Weg zur Kunst”.) Henni Gagel also studied with Ludwig Hess in Königsberg and thus delivered in her person an excellent singing culture to her large number of pupils, who today live scattered all over the world. Since 1904 she was in Königsberg and the province of East Prussia a celebrated concert, song and Oriatoriensängerin. In 1936, Henni Gagel was appointed as a teacher of voice training to the Opera and Opera School at the United Königsberg Conservatory. She also successfully taught in Hamburg. Strong ties had the deceased with the Berlin College of Music. Henni Gagel left behind a daughter, Ursula Gagel , who, musically highly qualified, already passed her exams in Königsberg and also passed the composition examinations as one of the few women. The memory of this woman will be preserved intact in the countless grateful hearts of her students and friends. Their belief was the return of German people to their East Prussian homeland. HG skipper

    The well-known East Prussian lecturer Friedrich Erich Petukat , born on 2 April 1891 as the youngest of 19 children of a kiln manufacturer in Königsberg, recently died in Rellingen in Schleswig-Holstein

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    On the 10th 3. In the early morning hours of 1949, our dear, good father, father-in-law and Grandfather Aug died in the early morning hours. Sontowski , formerly Grammen Ostpr., In his 83rd year of life. Much grief and grief, as well as not seeing the home again, have contributed to the fact that he is rather lost to sleep. He was buried in Leipzig. This is indicated to all who know him: Fam. Artur Sontowski , Fam. Alfred Sontowski, Leipzig. Fam. Gustav Sontowski, Herten / Westf., Fam. Arnold Sontowski , Fam. Willy Schwetzler , Fam. Hugo Krüger, Krefeld / Rhld., Miss Käthe Sontowski, Tönnig / Schl.-Holst. Where does the soul find the homeland of rest?

    Far away from home, we first received the sad certainty of my dear, brave sons, my beloved husband, our unforgotten brothers, our superiors. Helmut Lauzemis , at the age of 34 years in the last fighting in 1945 in Kurland, the captain u. Battalion kmdr. Hans Lauzemis , at the age of 27 fallen in 1943 at Korosten, the Obltn. z. S and submarines Albert Lauzemis , at the age of 26, died in 1944 in the South Atlantic. “We are in the foreign, they returned home.” In silent memory: pastor’s widow Emma Lauzemis geb. Radtke and all siblings, Lemgo / Lippe, Langengr. 144, Hanna Lauzemis b. Carlson Banbury, Oxon, England, formerly Tilsit-Ostpr., Jägerstraße 6

    After years of uncertainty, we received the confirmation that our dear parents Gustav Eisermann , teacher and cantor i. R. in March 1946 in Königsberg and Florentine Eisermann b. Goetz died in the winter of 1947 in Metgethen the bitter death of the retarded. Helene Wnuck born. Eisermann , dr . Georg Wnuck . Eichstätt i. Bay., B 180

    After a long, painful suffering, today, far from his beloved home of East Prussia, my dear husband, our good father, died. Uncle and brother-in-law Johann Goronzek , bear break , in the almost completed 70th years of life. He followed his only grandson Heinz-Wolfram Blum , whom we laid to rest at the age of 10 months on July 24, 1945 in Mecklenburg
    The bereaved relatives : Elisabeth Goronzek b. Nagat, Margarete Blum b. Goronzek, Heinrich Blum z. Zt. Lost, formerly Bärenbruch-Ramsau / Ostpr., Now Nieder-Saulheim, Rheinhessen, Römer 1, 14th February 1950

    To my beloved compatriots, friends, acquaintances and relatives, who could not reach my sad news in July of last year, I announce that my beloved husband Leopold Wieczoreck from Königsberg / Pr., Goltzallee 24, on 6. 7. 1949 his Eyes closed forever. He is resting in the cemetery Hamburg-Ohlsdorf, Chapel 13. In deep sorrow: Mrs. Luise Wieczoreck
    b Kariegus now Halstenbek b Hamburg, Dockenhudener Chaussee 175

    Far from his east pr. Home died on February 3, 1950, after a busy life, after a long and difficult illness, my dear life-kamei ad, our faithful father. Father-in-law and grandfather, the teacher i. R. Franz Brandtner in his 89th year. In silent mourning: Hedwig Brandtner born. Schnabel, Carl-Ludwig Brandtner and Mrs. Gertrud born. Witzke, Siegfried Brandtner, Ingrid and Gerhard Brandtner as grandchildren. Boostedt Neumünster 1st H., formerly Tilsit, Annaberg 4

    On February 10, 1950 succumbed to his heart disease my dear husband, our good father, the bank director Max Querl head of the People’s Bank Tilsit Ostpr. In the name of the bereaved relatives Elisabeth Querl, Grone-Göttingen, in Febr. 1950

    After years of waiting and hoping for a reunion, we now received from a returnee the shocking news that our dear only son and brother, the mechanical engineer. Albert Kohtz as Oberfähnrich in the heavy fighting around Gotenhafen at the end of March 1945 at the age of 26 has fallen. In deep, silent mourning: Hermann Kohtz, Helene Kohtz born. Petermann, Margarete Kohtz, formerly Pobethen, Kr. Königsberg now Trittau, ref. Hamburg, Ransdorferstr. 12

    On May 10, 1945, our brave eldest son and brother, Lieutenant Paul Wilhelm Konrad Dalheimer, born on 11/17/1921, was badly wounded in Courland, fleeing shameful imprisonment by mines, for the 4th time, and then gave himself to death. In proud mourning on behalf of the family; Wilhelm Dalheimer -Bolbitten and Mrs. Gertrud geb. Moldzio .
    Sondernach, the 18th of February 1950. Kr. MünsingenWürttemberg

    On September 10, 1944, death on the battlefield in front of Autun in France ended the valiant life of my son Walter Japha , Gutenfeld-Ostpr, Charlotte Japha. Schiwek now Ober-Bamstadt, Darmstadt, Dr. med. Brigitte Japha z Zt Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart

    It pleased the Lord of life and death, the pastor Heinz Dembowski Head of the Carlshöfer Anstalten Carlshof / Ostpr. from 1923-1939, on February 22, 1945 to call home in His kingdom. He died in the field hospital 5 Danzig-Oliva and rests on the central cemetery Gdansk silver hammer. Everything born of God overcomes the world, and our faith is the victory that has overcome the world. I. Joh. 5, V. 4. – Ms. Christel Dembowski b. Besch, Hermann , stud. theol., Gertrud, Carla, Christel , Mrs. Maria Matern b. Dembowski , Waren – Müritz (Mecklenburg), Gr. Burgstr. 4, Mrs. Gertrud Hemmerling born. Dembowski, Gr. Jehser (Kr. Kalau) N.-Lausitz, pastor i. RD Jos. Besch and Mrs. Magdalena born. Nikolaiski , Hamburg 20. Tarpenbeckstraße 107
    Kleba (Kr. Hersfeld), 22 February 1950

    After a long uncertainty, I received the sad news that my dear, good man, the vet Wilhelm Düring formerly Liebstadt Ostpr., Later Königsberg, Wallenrodtstr. 10a, died in August 1947 in a camp near Pobruisk. Unforgotten, he rests on foreign soil. Mrs. Anni Düring , Edendorf at Itzehoe Holstein

    After a long uncertainty, we were recently saddened to learn that our eldest, unforgettable, dear son and only brother Uffz. Erich Ramm on July 1, 1948 at the age of 29 years far from home in the military hospital to Cao Bang (Indo-China) to the Died of the disease and was buried in the Mil. Cemetery. Rest softly in strange earth In silent mourning Friedrich Ramm and wife Hedwig geb. Molgedey, Erwin Ramm as brother
    Schacht-Audorf, 20 Feb. 1950 via Rendsburg, Heimstraße, formerly Pr.-Eylau’Ostpr .. Pärenwinkelweg 3

    On the 13th of February, his suffering, provided with the hl. Dying sacraments, our dear father, father-in-law and grandfather Karl Blank redeemed by a gentle death in the 73rd year of life. The bereaved relatives ask for a devotional prayer: Maria Federau born. Blank, Josef Federau and five grandchildren, formerly Kreuzdorf, Kr. Braunsberg (Ostpr.), Now Oeventrop, Kr. Arnsberg (Westf.)

    We inform our relatives and acquaintances afterwards that my beloved wife, our kind, faithful mother and granny Ms. Minna Werkies gave birth. Bugnat on 16 January in the 77th year of life after a short illness has gently fallen asleep. In silent mourning Adolf Werkies , widow Marta Perkuhn born. Werkies and children Reni u. Dieter , Leverkusen-Wiesdorf, Ehrlichstr. 11 Hochfeld family
    Neumünster, formerly Schwörpeln / Ostpr.

    On Monday, February 13th, my mother, our sister, sister-in-law, and aunt Henni Gagel, born gently after a terrible, long-lasting illness shortly before the age of 76, fell asleep. Ziese , concert singer and vocal pedagogue. On behalf of the bereaved Ursula Gagel
    formerly Königsberg, Schönstr. 21, I. now Hamburg-Altona, Eulenstraße 87, II

    On February 20, 1950, our good auntie, great-great-great-granddaughter Mathilde Witt , passed away at the age of 103 1/2 years, after a brief illness, far from her beloved ostpr. Home over in the eternal home. In the name of the mourners Elma Neumann geb. Witt , Elsa Scheele and Erna Scheele
    formerly Königsberg / Pr., now Obermarschacht, Lüneburg

    A mother’s heart has stopped beating. Far away from my beloved homeland, my dear wife, our dear, good mother, mother-in-law and grandmother, Margarete Schipper, was born on the 26th of January 1950 after a long and difficult illness . Bronst at the age of 68 years. In deep mourning Friedrich Schipper and children, Old Mölln, Kr. Lauenburg, formerly Königsberg-Westend, Scharnweberstr. 8th

    God pleased the Lord, far from home, after suffering for a long time in patience, our dear, good mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister-in-law and Aunt Marie Schmidt. Szabries on 25 November 1949 abruptly and unexpectedly to call into eternity. In deep pain The mourning children, formerly Heydekrug Ostpr., Now Veenhusen, Landstr. 9, Kreis Leer / Ostfriesland, Landshut. Lower Bavaria