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    Only now did I receive the official, for me so painful news, that my dear, good man, our dear brother, brother-in-law and uncle Karl Heppner former chief of staff peace service Angerburg Ostpr. died on 5 April 1945 at the age of 54 in the (mot.) Kriegslazarett 937 and buried in the Danish port of Fredericia / Jutland. In deep suffering Martha Heppner and all relatives, Wiesbaden, Moritzstraße 31

    After heavy sickbed died far from home on 14. 2. 1950 our dear, good father, father-in-law u. Grandpa Potter Master Gustav Daniel from Johannisburg / Ostpr. at the age of 83 years. On behalf of my sisters Emmy Witte born. Daniel
    Binz Rügen, in February 1950 house “Emma”, formerly Johannisburg / Ostpr.

    I make the painful communication to all our friends and acquaintances that my dear husband Max Borchert (formerly Königsberg Pr., Representative of Thyssen) died on 20 December 1949 far from his beloved home. Anni Borchert born. Breuksch , now Lörrach (Baden), Luisenstraße 19

    All relatives u. We acquainted acquaintances with the fact that our dear, caring father, father-in-law and grandfather Karl Horn went to his eternal home on March 11, 1949, after a short, severe illness at the age of 81. Isa. 35, 10. Elise and Maria Horn , Mengsberg, Deacons Minna Horn , Friedrichsruh / Hamburg, Friedrich Lap s u. Mrs. Anna Horn , Appenhain, Ruth, Manfred, Erika
    Mengsberg over. Treysa, Kassel district, formerly Schwaighöfen, Kreis Schlossberg Ostpr.

    In September 1947 died in her dear hometown Königsberg-Pr. as a result of hunger and deprivation our dear mother-in-law and grandmother widow Mrs. Elise Meierfeldt born. Wiechert born. June 15, 1872. In quiet memory in the name of the bereaved Mrs. Edith Meierfeldt born. Kaesler, Wilhelm Meierfeldt . Kiel, Fröbelstraße 12, formerly Labiau Ostpr.

    After years of uncertainty, we now received the sad news that my dear wife and two sons, our daughter and grandchildren, my dear sister and our aunt Dora Wannovius were born. Knof 29 years, Georg Wannovius 9 years, Ernst Wannovius 6 years died in East Prussia due to hardships and hardships in the years 1945/46. In silent mourning Eugen Wannovius , z. Zt. Kiel, Ahlmannstr. 8, formerly Wehlau, Franz Knof, Charlotte Knof, Annette Wielitzko b. Knof and children, z. Zt. Lauenburg / Elbe, Albinusstraße 26, formerly Gumbinnen;

    On February 15, 1950, my dear, faithful man, our good son, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle tax inspector Hermann Blumenstengel died too early and unexpectedly at the age of 54. In the name of the grieving relatives Anna Blumenstengel geb. Lamprecht , formerly Gumbinnen, now Geesthacht Elbe, Osterkamp la

    Far away from my beloved homeland, on the 21st of January 50, our kind-hearted father, grandfather, brother, uncle and brother-in-law, the farmer Johann Sanio, died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 80. His life was work and kindness. In silent mourning: His children and relatives, formerly rules, Kr. Lyck, now Gehrden Hannover, Steinweg 26

    On Friday, February 24, 1950, my dear husband, our good father and Grandpa Hegemeister IR Franz Begler, fell asleep at the age of 85. In silent mourning; Mrs. Helene Begler born. Becker and family Kraunus . Ernsthausen, Kr. Frankenberg, district Kassel, formerly Heiligenbeil-Rosenberg / Ostpr., Rastenburg, forester Kekitten

    On February 13, 1950, my dear and unforgettable son, my beloved bridegroom, fell asleep after a long and difficult illness. Son- in-law Erwin Kanert at the age of 28 years. In deep sadness: Wwe. Grete Broschk geb. Wrubel , Margot Boelter , Berlin, Family Boelter , Völkenrode 70 and Brunswick, formerly Mohrungen, Veltstr. la

    After a long suffering, with patient patience passed on 11. 2. 50 our dear only daughter, granddaughter, niece and base Jutta Rippke died in the flowering age of 21 years. Now she rests free from all earthly suffering until the reunion in a better time. The pain- bent parents Fritz and Anna Rippke geb. Rudat and all relatives. (20a) Neubokel over Gifhorn, formerly Allenberg-Wehlau / Ostpr.

    After 5 years of uncertainty we received the shocking news that my dear husband, our good father, father-in-law, grandfather, my dear brother. Georg Kublitz in the 63rd year of life on 25. 4. 45 on a transport to the Ural into eternity. In silent mourning: In the name of the bereaved Meta Kublitz . Bodenfelde, 18th of February 1950

    After anxious uncertainty in February 1946 we received the painful news that my beloved husband, our kind-hearted, loyal father, affectionate brother, brother-in-law and uncle, the master of the Gend. August Kohnke , Palmnicken – Groß-tree in Fischhausen (Samland) in exemplary fulfillment of duty in February 1945 in the 55th Years of life has fallen. In the name of the bereaved Mrs. Gertrud Kohnke and daughter Ursula , Zitzschen, Kr. Merseburg, Alfred Kohnke , i misses. O., Dietrich Kohnke , Münster iW Burkhard Kohnke , Erkrath – Zitzschen, in January 1950

    On February 7, 1950, after a short and severe illness in Nöda / Thür, at the age of 69, Farewell to his beloved home, Goldap, our dear father, son-in-law, brother, brother-in-law, and uncle Heinrich Weiß . In the name of all bereaved relatives: Ernst Weiß, formerly Goldap, z. Zt. Stellenfelde, Post Posthausen, Bez. Bremen

    We inform all friends of our homeland that our father, father-in-law and grandfather Gottlieb Rudat from Saugen, Kr. Heydekrug, on the 28th of February 1950, at the age of 82 years, gently sleep in Bad Pyrmont, where he is laid to eternal rest. In silent mourning: Gertrud Rudat, Meta Chmielewski b. Rudat and children, Frenke ov. Hameln, Margarete and Paul Rudat and son, Coburg, Kanonenweg 21

    On March 25, 1945, Palm Sunday, died in Gotenhafen in a bomb attack our dear sister, sister-in-law, aunt and great-aunt Miss Margarete Hoffmann born. April 9, 1876 She was a member of the Evang Board. Frauenhilfe II of the Queen – Luise – Gedächtniskirche Hufen. In quiet memory in the name of the Hedwig Hoffmann family, Hachenhausen about Seesen / Harz formerly Königsberg-Pr., Claaßstraße 7a

    All friends and acquaintances we subsequently acknowledge that the divine. Savior our kind hearted husband and father, the land hunter master i. R. Andreas Bleise took on 8 March 1945 in Świnoujście as a result of the hardships and hardships at the age of 76 years in his eternal kingdom. In Christian mourning: Emma Bleise and daughter Irmgard , Irene Hopmann and family, Kaiserslautern, Mainzerstr. 44, formerly Königsberg, Ziegelstr. 17a

    After a long uncertainty we received the sad news that my dear husband, our dearest beloved father, the master carpenter Franz Behrendt from Wolfsdorf, district Heilsberg (Ostpr.), Born. November 25, 1892, abducted on February 4, 1945, on which transport to Russia died. In silent mourning; Rosa Behrendt born. Tolksdorf, Ursula Behrendt , Trier / Mosel, Herz Jesu Hospital, Maria Behrendt , Paderborn, Landes-Hospital.
    Lügde Westf., February 1950. Mittlere Straße 29

    My dear wife, my good mother, Mrs. Frida Lenz born. Wehnert born. 22. 11. 1887 in Tiegenhof died on March 9, 1945 in Schwerin / Mecklenburg at exhaustion. Teacher l. R. Bernhard Lenz , Regina Lenz, Bad Pyrmont, Drakestr. 12 (Jäglack and Elbing, Kantstr. 3)

    After almost six years of waiting the shocking news that my son Bruno Hintz , Ltn. At the tank destroyers in Romania on 24. 8th . 44 fell. His mother, my dear wife, followed him into eternity on 24/11/45. In deep mourning on behalf of the bereaved: Hintz , formerly Domnauswalde, Kr. Bartenstein / Ostpr., Now (21a) Ostenfelde, Kr. Warendorf, Bez. Münster / Westf